Discovery workshops to take care of you in Magog

L’Escale Celtic welcomes you for our discovery workshops, be it that you stay overnight in our B&B or that you come during the day, in a revitalizing rustic setting. We welcome you in our nice recreation room propitious to one’s inner self and inner look, in order to leave fully re-energized, with a light heart. You will appreciate discovering efficient and simple tools to help you daily, be it in reflexology, with stones, essential oils or Tibetan bowls.

Discovery workshops to meet your needs

Having a solid expertise as reflexologue and relaxologue specialised in stress management, Catherine accompanies you across an experimentation, of your body, with many beneficial effects of reflexology, but also Tibetan melodious bowls, stones and essential oils. Including these different techniques into her practice, she shares her knowledge with passion and pays a particular attention that you will leave revitalised and well-fed. According to your needs, she will recommend the appropriate discovery workshop which you require.

Book your discovery workshop now !

A reservation at least 48 h beforehand is necessary to be able to benefit from discovery workshops.


• Reflexology and management of stress (75 min)  

• Reflexology and sleep troubles (75 min) 

• Reflexology and backache (75 min) 

• Tibetan melodious bowls : introduction in the sound and vibration (75 min) 

• Litotherapy : virtues of stones and their use in the daily

• Olfaction and essential oils : why do we like some smells ? (75 min) 

For workshops, a minimum of 2 registered persons is needed. Cost is 50$ per pax.

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