Massages, care in reflexology and Tibetan melodious bowls in Magog

L’Escale Celtic offers care focused on wellbeing, relaxation and health available to all, be it if you stay at our B&B or if you come specifically to indulge in taking care of yourself. You will be charmed by our recreation room nested in a warm centennial lodging home. You will also appreciate the quality of massages, treatments in reflexology and sessions of the sound of the Tibetan bowls. Catherine and her team bring a particular care to creating a propitious environment for relaxation which will favour a deep integration in your body and in all your being.

Care according to your needs

Réflexologue and relaxologue specialised in stress management, Catherine has acquired a solid experience in the field which she wants to share and to convey. It is very naturally that her passion for the human being accompanies each one on his/her way, across a holistic approach which includes body, but also emotions and the psychic. In her treatments, she uses her knowledge in reflexology, also by including the Tibetan melodious bowls, the stones, the essential oils, Indian bowls or color. Catherine is a member of the Canadian Reflexology Association of Canada, and will be your interlocutor in order to guide you to the appropriate care adapted to your needs. She is assisted with experienced massotherapists who provide relaxation massages, but also therapeutic massages.

Receiving regular care contributes to support a good quality of life by favouring wellbeing and health.

Reserve your care

A reservation at least 48 h in advance is necessary to be able to benefit from care.


Acts on energy circuits (Chakras), harmonises body and mind

Length : 30 min



Relaxing, Swedish or therapeutic massage

Length : 60 or 90 min

80$ for a massage of 60 min

120$ for a massage of 90 min

A massage therapy receipt can be issued.


• Foot or Hand reflexology discovery (30 min) : 40$

• Foot or Hand Reflexology in Essential Oils and Colours (60 min) : 75$

• Foot Reflexology and Litotherapy  (60 min) : 75$

• Cranial Reflexology of relaxation with Olfactotherapy  (35 min) : 40$ 

• Feet, hands and head Reflexology  (90 min) : 100$

• Emotional Reflexology (90 min) : 100$

• Foot Reflexology with Indian bowl  (45 min) : 50$

A reflexology receipt can be issued.

Enjoy our relaxation packages

Contact us at 819 571-2496 for your reservation !