A Bed & Breakfast with Breton health breakfasts in Magog

L’Escale Celtic offers you breakfasts such as brunches with balanced and healthy ingredients, providing you with energy and vitality for the entire day. Our B&B takes great care in selecting home-made & local products. Our breakfasts include proteins and fruits. Reminisce the pleasures of your childhood and learn from us how to turn over your plain round flat cakes and crepes on our Breton galétière !

Breton breakfasts

Brittany is characterised by its delightful pancakes and plain round flat cakes, its success residing in its special recipe which brings a texture and a taste very different compared to traditional pancakes. While a typical pancake is made based on wheat flour, with a light texture, our plain round flat cake is made from Sarasin flour, which gives it a coarser taste. Our pancake can simply be accompanied with sugar, with preserve, with chocolate or with fruits & maple syrup. You will also be able to savour it with the caramel spread & salt butter that Catherine produces from a recipe that her master crêpier taught her.


As for our plain round flat cake, it could be trimmed with ham, smoked bacon, cheese and egg according to your choice. Plain round Sarasin flat cakes offer an interesting health alternative to persons allergic to gluten. Without lactose, they are also rich in proteins and in micronutriments as magnesium. Nutritious, they sate longer and support the body long before practicing sports activities.


All pancakes and plain round flat cakes are produced in-house.

Healthy Breakfasts

  • Tea, coffee or herbal tea
  • Fresh fruits
  • Viennoiserie or cake of the day
  • Yoghurt or homemade smoothie
  • Stewed fruit, preserves and caramel spreads with homemade salt butter
  • French Toasts in the maple syrup or waffle
  • Breton hot meal